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Here’s 5 reasons why investing in
TEN BKC is a wise move to make:

Rs. 600 Cr. investment by HDFC made your investment Safer

India’s largest mortgage lender and non-banking finance company HDFC has invested a massive Rs. 600 crore in TEN BKC. This development has ensured that our journey to achieve perfection is easier and well within reach. It has also instilled a sense of financial safety and surety among all investors. Now, TEN BKC is no longer just a perfect investment opportunity; it is the safest too.

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An upcoming
(and expensive)
commercial destination

Due to its central location and easy accessibility, BKC has steadily emerged as the go-to destination of every corporate giant.

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Heavy demand

The corporate clientele of BKC such as Google, IDBI, SBI, SEBI, NABARD and more, can be classified as high income earning, which means people working in these companies possess immense purchasing power. This raises the requirement for residences in the area, thus creating heavy demand.

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An increase in capital values

Capital values in BKC have increased by more than 100% during the past two years. Luxury homes in BKC are likely to witness healthy rental demand, with average yields estimated at 4.2%, which is higher than most other locations in Mumbai.

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International association

Speaking solely of TEN BKC, the development is unlike any other in the vicinity. It has been planned with great precision, by some of the leading names in the industries of interior design, landscape design and architecture, which lends the development credibility of quality and class.

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